You have reached the parent website for the web applications delivered and hosted by the University of North Carolina - System Office.  You may refer to the following information:

Identity Federation - The UNC Identity Federation provides the SAML 2.0 metadata definition and operational infrastructure needed to enable federated service delivery among the constituent members of the University of North Carolina.  In short, the Federation encompasses both the policy and technical infrastructure needed to establish trust, security, and cooperation between its members.

UNC Enrollment Planning & Budget - A web-based application to plan, project, and budget campus enrollment data.  Provides a data entry interface to submit enrollment projections, a sandbox area to conduct what-if analysis, and a repository to provide standard reports.

DAVE Facilities Data Management System - A web-based application to maintain records of each University and Community College's facilities information for state and federal reporting.  Provides a data entry interface to modify building and room characteristics and to submit yearly changes.  Changes reports and building/room data dumps are also available.

Banner Version Tracking - A web-based application to display the banner version information that is implemented on each university.

Standard Model Monitoring - A web-based application to monitor the standard model data model is in sync with the campus data model.

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